The Blog This is where we are journaling the making and life of the 1000 Journals Film: We started research and development of the film in December 2003, and spent most of 2004 with pre-interviews and the search for journals. From April 2005 we were filming 1000 Journals Project participants, first in California, and during September 2005 also in a number of East Coast states. From January 2006, we were spending over 17 weeks on location around the world. The world premiere of 1000 Journals was at the AFI Fest, in Los Angeles, November 1-11, 2007. Our International Premiere was at the Berlin International Film Festival, February 7-17, 2008, in the main program section Berlinale Special...

The Film 1000 Journals is a feature length documentary, written, produced and directed by Andrea Kreuzhage. Format: 88 minutes, HDCAM, 29.97 fps. The Director of Photography is Ralph Kaechele. To learn more about the film, check out the official website. Reviews and stories are here.

The DVD The DVD edition of 1000 Journals is chock-full with extras and bonus features: You can see the film with subtitles in English, French or Spanish. You can listen in on the commentary track and learn about research and the back stories. The DVD features many additional episodes, with stories about journals in Baghdad, China, Chicago, San Luis Obispo, and an Artfest Port Townsend Special. There are also chapters, animated menus, and more!

You can buy the DVD on, or you can rent it on Netflix.

The Book In 2007, Chronicle Books published the best journal entries from around the world, all packed into a hard-bound book the size of the original journals.

You can buy the 1000 Journals Book at, or at your local book store.
Links You can find and join 1000 Journals on YouTube, Facebook, Livejournal, Myspace, Virb, ARTslant, the IMDb, buzznet, and more. Visit the 1000 Journals Project and the 1001 Journals Project websites, and check out blog and news stories about 1000 Journals. If you're a teacher, join the 1000 Journals Extension for study guides and DIY tips.


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