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I first heard about this project about 2 years ago & fell in love with the idea. I was teaching art at the Boys & Girls Club at the time & shared this way of journaling with some of our teens. They also really got into making their art journals. I am excited to see how the project has grown! I love having the opportunity to see such raw humanity. I think peoples lives are fascinating, only most of the time people are afraid to become vulnerable. Thank you for giving us the freedom of expression! Can't wait to see your film & share it with art students!

Heidi Renee

Oh Andrea - this is such great news, on a very great day!! Congratulations! May sales skyrocket!! Can't wait to see it!


Congrats and yippee. Finally I'll get to see it. Was so hoping you would get to do a screening in Australia. Feels like so long ago since you were out here (I guess it was awhile). Will make sure I organise my own screening with friends and family.

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