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Niki Nowell

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Come to Denver! I think this project is amazing and I am waiting in anticipation to see the film! I read about it on McNair's blog. :)

Christine Mason Miller

I just wanted to share that the 1000 Journals film inspired a friend of mine and I to organize a collaborative art show that will be held in Los Angeles in January 2009. We are so excited to explore the collaborative process with other artists we know and are so happy we saw your film at the AFI Fest!! Good luck in Berlin!


what about Chicago?


I am sad to find out about this project only now, and yet incredibly thrilled that this experiment happened and has been so well documented. Just the idea of the project makes me beam with happiness that we, as a people on this earth, still have what it takes to be creative and motivated and artistic.

This project and the people involved bring me hope and inspiration. I can only hope that others are touched by this project and sprung into action to support the arts and their own creativity.

I look forward to the documentary and more news about this world of traveling journals.


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